Picture Day Tips & Hints

Get that haircut or hair styled. Have your child's haircut several days in advance of picture day so their hair has time to grow back a little. We provide disposable combs on picture day.

Plan that outfit! Don't wake up on the morning of picture day and just grab whatever is clean! Plan a great outfit that matches your child's skin tone, hair color, eye color and really flatters. Make sure that the pattern on their top doesn't have any writing on it and the pattern isn't too crazy. If the pattern is slightly too busy, then it will take all of the attention away from your child's face. Solid colors are generally the best choice. Iron that collar!

Middle school and high school students. You are in charge. YOUR choice of clothes will determine how you feel about your photograph. Before you commit to your photo day wardrobe take a moment to consider that your picture is not just for you; other members of your family look forward to having your picture. Plunging necklines and tube tops do not work well in school photos. Heavy makeup interferes rather than helps the picture. Skin blemishes can be corrected by selecting retouching on your order form.

Get lots of rest the night before. Your child will look better and have a better attitude.

Wearing glasses. It is fine to wear glasses. Our photographers know how to avoid glare from the photo lights. You and your child should decide in advance whether they will wear their glasses for their picture.

Be proud of those braces. Please encourage your child to let their braces show. Attempting to hide braces with your lips normally causes a forced or awkward expression.

Attitude counts. A positive attitude on picture day can go a long way to insure picture day success. You might tell your child that picture day is special and you are looking forward to seeing their picture.